Family Law Dispute Resolution
Castillo Mediation and Arbitration Services of Seattle offers
an effective, low-cost resolution to your family law disputes

Divorce and Separations
Property Allocation
Child Support
Parenting and Child Custody
Mediation and arbitration are alternatives to a drawn-out legal
The process can be:

Less acrimonious
Convenient &
Use our mediation services to reach an agreed-upon

Our arbitration services can resolve disputes with a
ruling from a neutral third-party who has expertise in
family law.  
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We use a sliding scale depending on the parties'
finances and needs.

Reserve a 4 hour (half day) or an 8 hour (full day)

Mediations range from $225 to $275/hour.
Arbitrations range from $250 to $300/hour.

No charge for travel.
We can have the sessions at our offices or at your
attorney's office.
Learn more about whether mediation or arbitration is right for
you by visiting our "Services" page.
Attorney Emilia R. Castillo is a mediator and arbitrator  with
over 20 years of experience. See "About Us" to learn more
Castillo Mediation and Arbitration Services.
Litigation can take an emotional and financial toll on anyone going
through a family law dispute.  Mediation and arbitration are
alternatives to resolving conflicts in court.   

Mediation can bring about practical solutions in a less adversarial
way.  Parties control the process and decide what to agree upon.

Arbitration uses a neutral individual to hear and decide legal
issues.  It can be helpful when mediation cannot resolve a
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